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RISHIOJ | Our Mission

Most of the articles on this site came as a result of questions arising in our minds about the secret behind this whole creation and its functioning. Then came the ardent search and research for the most authentic and satisfying answers. It seemed as if all the answers were emanating from a single source i.e. ancient Indian scriptures. Thus came the concept of Rishioj. 

On this website you will find informational articles on 

• Mind

• Yoga

• Ayurveda

• Healthy food

• Healthy lifestyle

• Sanatan dharma

• Science behind each ritual performed by Hindus

• Spirituality

• Famous temples to visit

RishiOj is committed to being a platform to:

⦿ convey the wonderful messages from the age old wisdom and literature of India.

⦿ add a rich meaning and happiness to the heart and strength to the mind.

⦿ explore the age old Ayurvedic teachings.

⦿ promote the true teachings of Sanatana Dharma.

⦿ dispel myths, illusions and misinformation about Hinduism

⦿ protect, preserve and promote the sacred Vedas.

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