Why should we sit for a while in a temple, after worshipping god?


Our sacred shastras, puranas, and our elders have imparted that whenever one visits a temple for Bhagawan’s darshan, he or she should, before leaving the mandir premises, sit for a while on stairs or at a place within the temple after the darshan. Has this thought ever crossed your mind -  "Why should we sit for a while in a temple, after worshipping god?"

What is the reason for this tradition?

In the morning after having a bath, a devotee generally would like to go to the temple before doing any other work. Sometimes, he might also prefer to go in the late evening after returning home. He takes a look at the shape and size, forms and mudras of the deity, of the garbhagraha, does pradakshina (walking around the garbhagriha), hears the sounds of the conch shells, bells, the mantras and feels the vibrations thereof.

Nowadays most of the devotees simply discuss their home, business, and politics, or click pictures on the temple premises after darshan. 
If we sit and concentrate there for a while, it becomes a great powerhouse of immense spiritual energy for us. But we should have to know why this ancient tradition has been made.

Reasons why we should sit for a while in a temple, after worshipping god

1. Sit comfortably with eyes closed, and try to perceive and appreciate the looks and adornment of the idol of the deity that you have seen. Try to visualize the profile, and mudras of the deity, and hear and feel the vibrations emitted by the sounds of conch shells, bells, and mantras. Concentrate there for a while, and it becomes a great powerhouse of immense spiritual energy and will charge us like a battery for a long time.

2. We must try to concentrate on Bhagawan’s gorgeous attire, striking gestures, beautiful eyes, adorable hands, and charming face. Revere all the body parts from top to toe. His magnificent crown, and stunning ornaments. It will give enormous innermost peace to you.

Most of the devotees usually keep their eyes shut during the moments of darshan. Then how will he be able to look at God?

Eyes should be kept open. When we go to the temple, we should do darshan of the idol with open eyes. 
Do not close your eyes. We have come for darshans, so we must enjoy the charm of God. You can keep it closed while praying.

If you are unable to concentrate on the looks and figure of Bhagawan, then re-enter the temple and have darshan once more with much attention. This is what our shastras have taught us.

3. While sitting in the temple, we should recite a verse. This verse is as follows:

अनायासे मरणम , बिना देण्येन जीवनम l

देहांत तव सानिध्यम , देहि मे परमेश्वरम ll

Anayaase marnam (death spontaneously),

Bina denyen jeevanam (without giving life);

Dehant tav saanidhyam (Death in your presence),

Dehi mey Parmeshwaram (oh dear god, give me such a death)

Anayasen Maranam means that we should die peacefully, without suffering, never get sick, and never be confined to a bed. Instead of dying in pain, we ought to let our lives pass us by while we go about our regular lives.

According to the phrase Bina denyen jeevanam, there should be no dependency in one's life.

Dehante tav sanidhyam means "Let death come in Bhagawan's presence." When Bhishma Pitamah was on an arrowed deathbed, Sri Krishna himself stood in front of him and he died peacefully while looking at Shri Krishna.

O Bhagawan, Dehi mey Parmeshwaram, grant us such a boon.

One should not make a demand for wealth, property, business, spouse, children, or any worldly pleasures. All these would be catered by god himself according to your worthiness.

4. If you are energy sensitive, when you sit for a while after the darshanam, you will feel the energy shower on your head and hands. God is truly sending you energy at this moment in the form of blessings.

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