What is Oj (Oja) or Ojas and Why is it Important?


Who gave us the concept of Oj (Ojas)?

Our Vedic heritage lies on the foundation of supreme knowledge acquired and shared by Rishis, the divine seers, who after intense meditation, Tapa and Yagna had unearthed the absolute truth of the universe. According to our sacred Upanishads, Purans & other Shastras, there have been hundreds of revered Rishis, maharishis and Brahma Rishis in the ancient Bharat ( India ) who were renowned astrologers, celebrated musicians, legendary economists, physicians, illustrious scholars & authors with enlightened wisdom & intelligence. One of them was Acharya Charak, the principal contributor of Ayurveda. He explained the term Oj as the essence of the Saptadhatu (seven constituent elements of the body).

Rishis have been the powerhouses of the Vital OJ (Ojas). These ancient geniuses had exemplary strong concentration, determination, and willpower. They acquired longevity with full of energy. They were capable of executing diverse, grueling Tapas in all the natural spells be it rains, winters or summers. This was only because they acquired & dominated this vital element- OJ.

What is Oj (Oja) or Ojas?

Putting in layman's terms, Oj is the vital energy which provides immunity. Have you noticed that some people are blessed with a healthy glowing skin, radiant and clear eyes? Oj describes that glow. However, going deep into the Ayrvedic theories, we can define Ojas or Oj as the fine essence of all the Dhatus (tissues) and superfine essence of Shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue). Healthy people have abundant Ojas.

According to Ayurveda, the body is originally composed of dosas (tri dosha), dhatus (Saptadhatus), and malas (Trimalas). Beyond these three constituents, there is one separate entity due to which every tissue of the body remains in integrity. Their functions and structures are influenced by it. This separate entity is called Oj. Our physical, mental and spiritual strength completely depends on Oj.

How is Oj produced?

According to Charak Sanhita, Oj (Oja) or Ojas is situated in a dormant state in sperm and ova and it gets established during fertilization. It is the first body component of a living being. It is further nourished during the gestation period. After birth, it gets its nourishment through the metabolism of each dhatu.

For easier understanding, we can compare it with ghee. As ghee is present in milk in a dormant state and it can be processed through churning. Similarly, Oj/Oja/Ojas is present in every tissue but it is manifested after proper metabolism.

Ojas is the pure and subtle substance that’s extracted from food that has been completely digested.

Where is Oj situated in our body?

Ojas is the initial essence of the embryo and also the essence of its nourishing material. Ojas enters into the cardiac region before circulation. Thus, the primary location of Ojas is the heart, from where it circulates in the body.

Types of Ojas

Ojas present in the human body are of two types:

(1) Para Oj (ojas), and (2) Apara Oj (Ojas)

The amount of Apara Oj in the body is half Anjali (One Anjali is equal to the quantity that can be filled in a space formed from joining one’s palms together). Apara Oj circulates in the dhamnis (arteries) and it is apradhan(subordinate). Its reduction causes different ojaskshaya (low Oj) symptoms in the body.

The amount of Para oj is eight drops. It is situated in the heart and it is pradhan(superior). Para Oj is responsible for the continuation of life. Its reduction in the body can cause grave diseases and can even cause death.

Importance of Oj

Oj is the vital force and vigor of a human being. It controls everything from our physical health to our mental well-being and also the spiritual inclination of the soul. In other words, Oj is the sustainer of life. Destruction of Oj leads to the destruction of life.

Functions of Oj (Oja):

 1. brings longevity
 2. maintains the functioning of different systems and vital parts of the body
 3. Oj increases immunity
brings a glow to our skin, lustre to hair and sparkle in eyes.
 5. makes our body healthy
 6. increases concentration
 7. increases intuition power
 8. manages and directs our thoughts and mood
increases endurance

What are the symptoms of Low Oj?

Why do some people get sick very easily? This could be due to low Oj. To increase or to replenish the Oj, it is important to analyze whether our body is showing symptoms of low Oj. 

Here are the symptoms of low Oj.

 1. weak body structure
 2. Always remaining frightened for no reason
 3. Always surrounded by tension, anxieties, worries
 4. Depletion of glowing radiance from eyes and face low energy, fatigue;
 5. difficulty in breathing
 6. Ravenousness
 7. Excessive sleepiness
 8. Looseness of joints
 9. Stiffness and heaviness in the body
 10. Unconsciousness, mental disturbance, loss of sensation, death (these symptoms are in the advanced stage)

What are the reasons for low Oj?

There could be many reasons for Low Oj. However, all the reasons are somehow connected to an imbalanced lifestyle and negative emotions.

A. Low Oj could be due to pushing our bodies beyond the normal range of functioning such as

  • starvation
  • excessive labor
  • over-exercise

B. The following negative emotions reduce the Oj:

  • anger
  • grief
  • greed
  • anxiety
  • constant worry

C. The wrong lifestyle also reduces the Oj

  • excessive consumption of alcohol
  • wasting the energy in procrastination, internet surfing
  • too much sexual activity
  • poor diet
  • sleep deprivation or sleeping awake at night

How to build or rejuvenate Oj?

Similar to Sapta dhatu, Oj also gets nourishment by aahara rasa. Aahara ras is produced by the jatharagni, the digestive fire in the stomach. The following are some Oj building practices that should be inculcated in our daily routine.

 1. Intake nourishing and prana-rich food
 2. Include Rasayan in your food
 3. Have a balanced diet- balancing Vata, pitta, and Kapha.
 4. Indulge in Seva or selfless service to the needy.
 5. Have good thoughts and avoid negative self-talk.
 6. Love the creator and the creation. Love rejuvenates Oj.
 7. Do Meditation, Yoga, Exercises for happiness & inner peace
 8. Control your cravings
 9. Dissolve your intentions.
 10. Have ample sleep
 11. spend time in nature

How do we feel when your Ojas is strong or replenished?

Strong Oj means that the body is getting all the nourishment it needs to enhance its holistic health. And we know that a healthy body and a healthy mind are interlinked. So, when you start working on increasing your Ojas, you will observe the following:

 1. Increase in physical strength
 2. Calm and peaceful mind
 3. You smile and laugh a lot
 4. Glow in skin and eyes.
 5. You feel secured and guarded by divine forces
 6. Increase in immunity
 7. Optimum body weight



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  1. Thank you for the comparison of Oja and Ojas to ghee. It greatly helped me in understanding what each is and how it works.


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